About us

Company  “Dilis Produktebi” Ltd is staffed with highly qualified personnel and more than 450 people are employed in the company within the country. Company  “Dilis Produktebi” Ltd  was founded on September 1, 2006, on the Koda poultry plant basis which is located in Tetritskaro Region in the village Koda The poultry plant  covers about 53 ha territory. Primarily, the company under the trademark "Dila"  entered the Georgian market with the broiler (meaty) chicken meat and subproducts. In 2007, table eggs production entered on the market. Since its foundation, the company’s products are very popular among the consumers and enjoy competing with local and imported products. Today, the plant capacity is being upgraded and broiler production is temporarily suspended.

Incubator in the poultry plant is equipped with modern technology that admits 400 wing/place, breeder chicken growing poultry units (105 000 wing/place), laying chicken poultry units ( 400 000 wing / place), broiler poultry units (260 000 wing / place).

Birds are fed only with local raw materials, natural ingredients, tested on micro-biological pollution in the poultry  house laboratory, with food without any chemical additives that is prepared in local food producing workshop which productivity equals to 15 t/h powder and 10 t/h granular food; warehouse area covers 3 000 sq/m. Floor and grain elevators have 4 500 tone of capacity. Raw material is inspected in micro-biological laboratory.

All the process in poultry houses and units are automated. The birds grow in pure and healthy environment. Waste management unit in the poultry plant protects the environment from pollution.

ISO 22000: 2005 certification process is in the stage of its completion that is envisaged under international standard for quality management.  

“Dilis Produktebi” Ltd has expanded its distribution network in Imereti, Adjara and Zugdidi regions since 2014 that ensures a supply of the west of Georgia with the company products

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