Chicken egg consists of protein and yolk, which is surrounded by shell. Some eggs have 2 yolk, it is natural and same as having twins in humans. Yolk contains proteins, fats and cholesterol.Protein of egg contains all irreplaceable amino acids that aren’t synthesized by human body and are needed to accept prepared form with food. Egg with its chemical composition provides satisfaction of human body demands (especially for growing body) simultaneously on several components. According to some data human body adopts chicken egg with 100%, such product is rare. For example only 1/3 of cow meat is adopted. Egg contains 12 vitamins (except vitamin C)

D calcium and phosphorus to strengthen teeth, nails, hair, positive effect on immunity; E inhibits the aging process, increases energy, strengthens blood vessels; K is necessary for blood to the results of the process; B1 - regulates the growth and development processes, contributes to heart, nervous and digestive systems work; B2 - red blood cells are needed, for the formation of antibodies, growth and reproductive functions setups, skin, nails and hair well-being; B3 - lowers cholesterol, fights insomnia, strengthened, it is necessary for the health of the skin; B4 - is necessary for the formation of the brain, the memory, for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases; B6 - Prevents the aging process, strengthens the nerves, can prevent the development of skin diseases; B7 - skin, hair, nails and beauty care; B9 - prevents the development of congenital abnormalities of the fetus; B12 - increases immunity, needed for blood;

The content of vitamin D lower than the eggs only fish oils, B4 of any other product is not so;

Egg contains almost all trace minerals, which are necessary for the body - including calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, iron and cobalt. Calcium phosphorus, together with hair, nails and teeth healthy; Phosphorus is necessary for the reconstruction process, the mental capacity for growth; Iodine improves the ability to supply quick energy; Zinc promotes mental activity growth, accelerate wound healing; Magnesium ejection depression, strengthens the heart, blood vessels and nerves, aids digestion; Iron enhances immunity, we experience in spare, it protects us from anemia. To celebrate the energy value of the egg. 70 kilo calories per egg. This is not so much, therefore, prone to obesity child egg is not a threat. It is a dietary product. It should be noted that the deposition of fatty deposits in the body of carbohydrates, while the egg contains no carbohydrates.